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$35usd -> double sided view, eye view, back view, mouth view, 2 items
$45usd -> double sided view, eye view, back view, mouth view, 4 items
$55usd -> double sided view, eye view, back view, mouth view, 10 items, any other important info/views (horns, hands, feathers, etc)

Ref Sheets / Customs will be colored/edited by me
These are all on the Rancid Art Studio base.
Any outfits are done on CozyCatStusio or xmikuchuu bases

These are all done on a custom commissioned base by Rancid Art Studio.
Capsule Dragons are a closed species and may only be made by our art staff

Basic Mutations: $10 Flat

Common Mutations: $3 Each

Uncommon Mutations: $5 Each

Rare Mutations: $10 Each

Ultra-Rare Mutations: $15 Each

Ultimate Mutations: $20 Each

“From Capsule to Creation” Origin
A crystal clear glass capsule, burned down from slumbering dragon bones, gave life to the first Capsule Dragon. Filled with elements gathered by the shaking hands of a dying mage who emptied his last wishes into the glass. This first Capsule Dragon, “Primis”, was born with one purpose: life. Life for the old mage, life for his family, life for those who were unprotected.

Built upon a capsule spilling with wishes and magic, Primis became revered as a saint to all she aided, and Capsule Dragons were seen as creations of service and hope. Those that could get their hands on dragon glass began making their own, and each was born uniquely of what their creators had placed inside their capsules. To most, these intelligent magical beings were of equal footing, considered family and friends. From gardeners to kings, their use and companionship avoided the attention of none. Still, as there will always be, there were others who saw their worth end at their convenience.

From existing only to carry loads befitting a mule, to fighting wars without having to send soldiers, Capsule Dragons found themselves in all walks of life. These few, fiercely in line with how they were made, are powerful creatures, unapologetic in their creation.

“Flame in the Belly of Another”
Abilities & Personality
Unlike their behemoth counterparts, Capsule Dragons are not fuelled by spitting fire, but by the quiet magic that grows, unconcealed, within them. Each one strongly attuned to the items within their capsules, they are able to pull and use magical elements related to their creation.
Beyond their magical alignment, each item within a Capsule Dragon plays a part in their personality. Where you may see a soothing and comforting healer born from a capsule of medicines, you may also see a terrifying and chaotic being with a belly full of black holes. A documentation of Capsule Dragon types and their magic is in the works, however it remains incomplete as new types are discovered often.

“From Sands to Stars”
Variants & Social Structure
No matter the climate or environment, so long as its inhabitants are in touch with magic, you will find Capsule Dragons. From the deepest marshes to the harshest desserts, all the way to the freezing north, these creatures have appeared all throughout the world. Adopting the qualities of their making, Capsule Dragons take on a different appearance depending on where they are found. Despite the changes in their appearance, because they are created and not evolving, there are no subspecies within their kind. They recognize each other, their elements, their hierarchy, and social structure, no matter the distance. This quality makes Capsule Dragons an extremely good judge of character; depending on their reaction to each other, their creator can be judged just as well.

Capsule Dragons will naturally fall into society next to their creator. Should a king create one, that Capsule Dragon would be looked to as royalty by others. In the same sense, they may be looked down on if their creator was of lower class.

A Capsule Dragon's rarity is determined by two factors: the quality of items used in it's creation, and the natural population in different areas of the world. Both play a part in their overall look. A dense city may be filled with common creations, while a small village hidden in the north may only produce one tundra Capsule Dragon, making them nearly impossible to spot.

“Time and Tenacity”
Capsule Dragons have no recorded limit on their lifespan. While they are few, all documented cases of death in the species have been from an outside cause or hand. There are rumours that even Primis, the first, is still among those living, yet there is little to back those supposed sightings. A vast majority of Capsule Dragons have already outlived their creators, and are seen to be able to live on without them. While most of these individuals thrive with their freedom, there are those who appear lost, doomed to repeat their given task alone.

To kill a Capsule Dragon is to cut off the source of its magic. Power is pulled from its capsule, and any damage made to that will interrupt their strength.

“The Gift of Life”
Creation met its end when the first Capsule Dragon was made. Granted life by another, Capsule Dragons are without the ability to reproduce themselves, and no offspring exist within the species. Rather than mate for the survival of their line or family, Capsule Dragons will come together simply for the fun and feeling.

It should be noted that not every Capsule Dragon has genitalia, and they exist outside of strictly male and female.

Digital Bundle: $50-100
Physical: $150-300
Digital + Physical: $350-400

Digital Bundle:
Varying digital pieces ranging from emotes & doodles to Digital badges, painted busts and updated ref sheets

A multitude of physical items of your character! Keychains, Pins, Buttons, Pillows and more! Digital art not provided separately

Digital + Physical:
A variety of Digital pieces as well as physical items, plus the digital copy of the physical items art!

To be pre-determined at the time of ordering, your budget for Phy/Digi-Phy bundles and either incorporate cost of shipping or shipping can be paid outside of the budget cost